Upskill your bar or restaurant in 2 minutes a day

Learning made easy

Managers choose the lessons and courses that are most important to their staff.

Staff grow their skills and knowledge by learning from quick lessons that fit their busy work day.

Easily create custom lessons for your staff

Use SkillServe’s intuitive App Manager to create great looking custom lessons and courses for your staff. Preview as you’re creating so you know exactly how it will look in the app.

Comes ‘out-of-the-box’ with expert created courses

“Out-of-the-box” courses include: customer service, glassware, beer and food pairing, selling…and more.

Existing content is regularly updated and perfected to reflect best industry practices and new content is also added regularly.

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Skillable is free for Carlsberg customers. To register, please click on the button below and fill out the form. We’ll then send you an SMS with instructions on how to get started.