Log in using the same phone number as you use to log in to the Skillable app. 


Once you’re logged in, click on “Courses" in the sidebar navigation. 

Group 7.png

The course listing shows courses currently available in your outlet.

Click on the “add course” button to create a new course. 

Group 5.png

Enter course details

Enter a Title for your course. 

If you would like an image to appear next to the course name in the app, upload a cover image from your computer. The cover image will be cropped square

click the save course button.

Note: Ticking the “published” box will make the course visible to your staff. When creating a new course it is best to leave this unchecked until you have written at least one lesson. 


Your course has now been created!

You can now add a lesson to this course by clicking on the add new lesson button.


The lesson editor will open and you will be invited to edit the first lesson card.

All the lesson information can be entered in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. As you add information, the lesson card will update in real time. 

A Cover image will appear above the title of your lesson. A background image will appear behind the title and will be stretched to fill the frame. You can also choose to not upload an image.

Once you have entered all the lesson information, click on the save lesson button to save the card and go back to the lesson overview.

Group 2.png

Add as many cards as needed to complete your lesson.

There are two types of cards available:

i. Simple card: A flexible card made of a title, text and an image. Each of these card elements are optional and can be enabled/disabled in the sidebar. Simple cards can be customised by adding a background colour and choosing a text colour.

ii. Quiz card: A multiple choice question template used to test your staffs knowledge. Enter your question and three possible answers.

Group 10.png

When you’re ready to publish your course to your staff…

Return to the course overview page by clicking Courses in the sidebar

Click the name of your course

Click Edit at the top of the screen

Tick the box that says Published

and finally click Save course.