What is Skillable?

Skillable is an app that helps staff in the hospitality industry gain new skills and knowledge in as little as 2 minutes every day. It’s a platform for learning lessons in a format that actually makes sense for the hospitality industry.

Who is Skillable for?

Skillable is for managers and business owners in the hospitality industry who want to grow the skills and knowledge of their staff.

How much does Skillable cost?

Skillable is free, but managers need to be invited by their Carlsberg or Feldschlösschen sales manager. If you’re interested in trying Skillable in your outlet get in touch on skillable@carlsberg.com.

How do I get Skillable?

Outlets that have been invited to Skillable by their sales managers can download from the App Store on iOS devices and Google Play Store on Android devices. Skillable is currently available to businesses in Denmark, Switzerland and the UK, but we’re aiming to roll out to more countries in 2019.

When will Skillable be finished?

Our philosophy is to build an app that managers and staff will love. To achieve that, we’re committed to launching early and often to learn how people use the app, and then make changes to meet their needs. This allows us to iterate, improve, and adapt to change quickly.

The current version of the app is really still a trial of the core features; our whole process is built around collaborating with users. As time passes we learn more and the features will improve, so the app will never be finished.

How do I make custom lessons for my staff?

There are two ways to create lessons in Skillable: You can create lessons in the App Manager at skillable.app, there is a detailed guide on how to use the App Manager here.

Managers can also create lessons directly in the app by tapping ‘new lesson’ in the navigation bar and following the steps on screen.

Is my phone supported?

For now, we’re focusing on iOS and Android smartphones. We support the latest versions of iOS (9.3 and newer) and Android (6 and newer). 

I’m having trouble logging in. What do I do?

If you have entered your number correctly but still can’t log in please contact the app team at skillable@carlsberg.com with more details so they can investigate further.

I have spotted a problem with the app

If something in the app isn't working, we want to hear about it! Send a description of the problem to the app team at skillable@carlsberg.com.

Can I refer another outlet manager to Skillable?

Yes, please do! Just ask them to contact their Carlsberg or Feldschlösschen sales manager and they’ll take it from there.